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Auburn, CA Massage and Yoga - Seeing Hands Wellness - Cindi McKeown Auburn CA, Massage Therapy

Cindi McKeown - Owner of Seeing Hands
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Benefits of Massage:

• Strengthens immune system

• Increases blood, lymph circulation

• Relieves stress

• Increases joint flexibility, range of motion

• Promotes relaxation

• Improves digestion, elimination, and absorption
of nutrients

• Enhances energy, alertness
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Integrated Massage & Bodywork

This session is designed to suit your therapeutic needs as well as relax your mind and body. This massage provides a combination of long, broad strokes, and deep tissue (at your desired pressure) or gentle touch can be provided for your specific need. This session can be either a full body massage or focused on an area in need of extra therapeutic support.

60 min. $65
90 min. $85

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy massage provides essential support to the intensive work of "growing a baby." The focus of this session is to relieve physical stress and support to the constantly changing needs of pregnancy. Massage has documented benefits to both the mother-to-be and to her developing child, such as fewer complications in labor, fewer postnatal complications for the infant, decreased stress hormone levels, reduced maternal anxiety, and improved sleep. Pregnancy pillows and bolsters are used to support the correct positioning of a pregnant mother to ensure a comfortable treatment.

60 min. $65.
90 min. $85.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated smooth basalt stones are placed on certain points of the body to warm and loosen tight muscle. The combination of heat and pressure is sure to please.

90 min. $95.

Rain Drop Therapy

This treatment uses 9 therapeutic grade essential oils, which are applied directly to the spine. The oils unique properties flush out toxins and kill dormant viruses and bacteria’s. Designed to bring the body back to structural and electrical alignment.

Add to massage $35.
Without massage $45.

Personalized Yoga Therapy

This private yoga sessions is for those who either wish to work on specific areas of their practice, have special needs, or who simply prefer one on one instruction. Sessions are adapted to each individual's particular area of work. This session is a great way to walk away with your own personalized yoga practice that you can
do anywhere.

30 min. $40.
60 min. $60

Personal Philosophy

While many people think of massage as a treatment exclusively for anxiety and tension, Cindi believes that regular therapeutic massage and bodywork have countless benefits that are both preventative and restorative. Her goal is simple: to help others have healthy movement, without the pain and restrictions that keep them from fully living a happy healthy life. It has been Cindi's experience that a body and mind that is flexible and can assimilates stress in a healthy manner is one that leads to less illness and is able to rebound from injury faster and more efficiently.

It is Cindi's intention to make the name Seeing Hands synonymous with people fully enjoying their lives.

Cindi's Bio

Cindi McKeown has more than 20 years of experience in the massage, fitness and holistic healing industry. She has maintained a thriving private massage therapy practice in Placer County since 1990. She received her base training in Swedish and deep tissue massage at Sierra School of Integrated Therapies and has since deepened her body work skills with further schooling in a diversity of therapeutic massage modalities.

In addition, Cindi has been a certified Yin Yoga instructor for 6 years. She enjoys teaching to special population groups such as; Pre/post natal, seniors, injury recovery or those who just feel yoga challenged. Her years of experiences as a fitness director has helped to shape her massage/bodywork by connecting physical activity to proper form and a working knowledge of anatomy in motion

When not helping her valued clients take care of themselves, Cindi enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, traveling, losing herself to a great book, cooking creative food, spending time in her art studio and gardening. 

Auburn CA, Massage Therapy

"Count your age by friends, not years, count your life by smiles, not tears."  

- John Lennon


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